Appointments are most efficiently scheduled online, right HERE.

If you'd prefer to schedule by phone,  

Please call 828-333-7149.

If we are unavailable at the moment, please leave your name and number and some hints about the most convenient times for a call back.


Center of Motion is located in Black Mountain, NC; the address is

115 Third Street, BlackMountain, NC, 28711

Directions HERE

What to Expect

Each session lasts an hour.

Please come dressed to move comfortably.

There won't be any need to remove your clothing, but we will be interested in watching you to stand and walk without your shoes and socks.


The fee for each session is $120. We accept checks and major credit cards at the time of your appointment.

We do not file insurance, nor are we preferred, in-network or Medicare providers.

When appropriate, we can provide a receipt that may be used for insurance reimbursement purposes. Reimbursement is entirely dependent on the terms of your policy.